These can push up the price of a home by millions of dollars

It is worth under $ 15 million 2, otherwise it is 4 per cent, that is, for a 20 million $ real estate one has to pay 800 thousand $ to the tax authority. If we sold our former property within one year, or divested it the following year, we only have to pay a fee if our old home sells for less than the apartment we bought.


Lawyers’ and bank charges

bank loan

The attorney’s fee is typically paid by the buyer at the time of the purchase, usually at a rate of 1 percent of the purchase price.



A used apartment is rarely in a condition where you do not need to touch anything before moving in. If nothing else, a clean painting is usually done by new owners, even for a new home.



construction equipment

Built-in furniture, such as kitchen furniture, built-in wardrobes and bathroom furniture, will surely remain in the old home, but some individual wardrobes may not fit or promote optimal space utilization. It is also worth setting aside around 50,000 dollars to move.

And for new homes (plus fees and attorney-bank fees):


Garage, driveway, storage

For most developments, it is mandatory to buy storage, a garage or parking space for your home, which can add up to millions of dollars on the original purchase price.



Garage, driveway, storage

The price of new flats basically includes the cost of coverings and sanitary ware, but it usually covers a certain type of product, which is mostly – of course, depending on the positioning of the project – a middle class, or rather its lower level. If the prospective owner imagines your apartment with different sanitary ware and coverings, you have the opportunity to make changes, but the cost must be calculated in addition to the purchase price. The developer may therefore charge additional labor.


Changing walls, moving sockets

At some stage of the construction process, it is even possible to change the layout of the apartment – of course, within certain limits – for example, to place a built-in wardrobe here or there. However, the additional costs are borne by the purchaser. The request for an extra switch or socket also makes the apartment more expensive.


Other technical content

Other technical content

There may be significant differences between projects in what exactly is included in the price. Shutters are already installed in many places as part of the purchase price of the apartment, but there are projects where these are not standard features of the apartment and the owner has to take care of it later. It is also typical that in most cases the purchase price includes only the preparation of the air conditioner or alarm, but there are examples that even these are not included in the basic technical content.

In addition to the above, there is a certain cost of furnishing for new homes, for example, you will definitely need a kitchen furniture that costs a lot of money along with machines and can also increase your purchase cost by 1-2 or even millions more.

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