It’s official: if the bank goes bankrupt, you lose your savings – Real Estate Loan

Well, considering the constitutional reform, the famous reform, which enshrines debt payment as an absolute priority. It is clear, deposits are a danger and investing in bonds (for example) is the safest.

They give it to you on the one hand and remove it from social benefits. Now, banks have not realized that they can run out of deposits ?. Seen this way, they alone have dug their grave.

In my previous comment


The bonds to which I refer are those of the State. That those if they have greater solvency because their payment is constitutionally bound.

To insurance companies without a doubt. By Spanish legislation they are the only entities that guarantee the mathematical provision of the investment. Agree that your fixed terms have lower yields but bird is better in hand …

Difficult situation, in which our minister puts us, on the other hand nothing surprising, seen as our politicians act.
I hope that the case arrives (I hope it does not arrive), our government supports the deposits, since it happily decides for us.

That removes and non-payment does not exist, although the market anticipates it, however Dexia does have 7.5 billion euros in subprime loans that, those yes, are in default. Let’s see if we think that the real estate bubble clicks in two months no matter how elastic the price of houses is. As in Spain, late payment increases over time, and what was once prime, is now subprime. According to the board of directors of Dexia until the year 2015 the default of real estate loans in the USA will continue

Few days ago you advised against the purchase of generalitat bonds

Few days ago you advised against the purchase of generalitat bonds

Your blog disappeared from the Vanguard economy section. Today I saw that it has reappeared and, oh, surprise!, You make a comment of the aforementioned bonds that looks like an advertising wedge. Does it no longer matter that they are issued to return the principal and interest of the previous issue? Doesn’t credit rating matter either?

Well you can think what you want. In the blog he writes several people and each one has his opinion so he is free to write what he wants, that’s why sometimes there are contradictions but thanks to God we don’t all think the same. Obviously, a post where the Generalitat’s bonds are criticized in the headline is not as strong as another one where the opinion is at the end.

When they dropped the widget we are referring to


We did it again yesterday and we didn’t receive an answer, today it seems to work, that’s all we know. Technical error, carelessness or that they did not like that post, everyone is free to think what they want, thank God the blog is ours and we continue publishing what interests us and wants.

What I ask is that you understand that among all of us who write each one has its point of view and that there is no type of editorial line. I was the one who wrote the post of the Bonds of the Gene and then that you have an opinion different from mine seems very respectable.


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