Is it worth it to renovate your home savings or do it without a better bill? – Home Loans

Everybody has already found that in smaller or larger home installations, craftsmen can easily offer to solve the problem at no cost. It’s good for them, too, because they don’t have the paperwork, the taxes and the taxes, and for us, we get away with 27 percent VAT and a little bit more.

That is what the state adds to housing savings, that is to say, savings in the housing fund. But you need an invoice to pay for it. This can be the vicious circle that many people are afraid to start saving for.

Asking for an invoice is good!

It also has the benefit of asking for an invoice for each job. It can also be a guarantee that professionals will do the job, and you may be able to claim compensation and repair later if they are not performing the job properly. We often entrust our values ​​to professionals, and it is good that any subsequent disputes are resolved legally.

Invoices can be requested for raw materials

However, if you decide to save a bit on your salary, you may still be billed for the raw materials used, or even buy new furniture for the money you save in your home savings. Many ask their acquaintances to “collect a bill” for them. Of course, this is a scam and we do not recommend that you spend money on more expensive but more durable raw materials and that it pays off the extra investment over time.


Credit can also come in handy

Household savings can also be fully utilized to settle home loans. At this point, we need not worry about not being able to access the full amount. It may also be worthwhile to start saving on home savings because not only can we save you high yields, but if necessary, you also get a fixed rate loan. Market loans are now very cheap, but there is a risk that the central bank will step up as inflation rises, and raising the base rate may push up loan rates as well.

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