Before buying any home, we have many questions. Downtown apartment or garden? Brick or panel? But the most pressing question is whether to be newly built or used? Well, let’s find out why this question is so important!


Is it just comfort that matters?

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Of course not. Everyone is aware that moving into a brand new newly built property is a better idea. And some benefits could be listed, but that doesn’t mean that older buildings aren’t very good. However, what is new must pay more. Let’s review the contracts where it doesn’t matter what kind of property we choose!


Home lottery apartment

Home lottery apartment

In what many call the “home lottery” apartment , it is of utmost importance to buy new property. For the simple reason that the savings collected here cannot be used for used real estate. Decide whether a maximum annual state subsidy of 30%, $ 83,333, is attractive enough to buy new property instead of used.


Family Home Discount

Is it just comfort that matters?

It is also an option that is highly dependent on our property. The renovated version of the old SOCPOL is a non-refundable state subsidy, the amount of which depends on the size of the property and the number of children we have or have. From a minimum of 600,000 USD to a maximum of 10 million USD. Here’s a table that shows exactly how much you can count on under what conditions, which apartment can be counted as self-sufficiency:

You might think that borrowing on new real estate is cheaper, because if you accidentally default, the bank will be able to sell it more easily (this is never the purpose).

But you could even think that it is more expensive because the value of the property itself is more expensive. If we count accurately on the loan calculator, we can see that the banks do not distinguish between their properties through their loans in this way.

Whether you are new or older, you may need a loan, so contact us! We will help you with the best solutions.

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